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Road map proposed by former Iraqi PM, Dr Ayad Allawi

Saturday, 06 September 2014 20:56
Dr Ayad Allawi, former Prime Minister of Iraq Dr Ayad Allawi, former Prime Minister of Iraq

This is a road map proposed by former Iraqi PM, Dr Ayad Allawi which has the basic minimum points necessary for the new Prime Minister of Iraq to implement, if he really wants peaceful co-existence and democracy and an end to bloodshed and Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq. 

Al-Wataniya Coalition
25 August 2014
Road Map


Iraq has come under a violence attack targeting its noble people’s unity and harmony, and the cities of the dear Iraq are falling one after another at the hands of terrorist and criminal organizations created by the political atmosphere resulting from the government’s behaviors. This behavio0r has led to the founding of a widespread popular movement that reject these policies. This movement consists of a large spectrum of national forces. Instead of pursuing fruitful solutions, the central government is neglecting the rights of these provinces and has created an inadequate atmosphere for the presence of lawbreakers that resemble nothing but the complete annihilation of political viewpoints being literally lost in politics, relying on political sectarianism and rationalizing, setting aside others and the inability to resolving issues in line with guaranteeing the country’s stability and security; once these measures are carried out by targeting the social texture of the country and again by targeting sacred sites in the face of the government’s suspicious silence. 

The al-Wataniya Coalition is certain that our people’s tendencies for change is not limited to setting a number of people aside, but in fact a change in policies practiced in the past, and correcting this path which has been founded with all its incorrectness. The principles of the al-Wataniya Coalition includes two paths:
First – setting aside the government based on religious and ethnic lines and heading towards a new civil government built based on justice, equality and civil government with professional entities.
Second – Relieving cruelty from damaged provinces due to the policy of eliminating individuals carried out against these provinces and its people.
Trust building measures and expressing good will

1. The government agenda of the prime minister-designate appointed to form a cabinet must include immediate stopping of indiscriminate shelling of defenseless residential areas, including the Baghdad beltway and the damaged provinces of Anbar, Neinawa, Salahadin, Diyala, Kirkuk and Babel, along with other provinces. Banning the use of violent forces in an extensive way due to lack of precession in hitting targets that has placed the lives and property of the innocent in danger, and relying on the people of these provinces in establishing success and security in their areas, and maintaining them in their cities, based on the orders of Article9/1 of the Constitution. 

2. The government agenda of the prime minister-designate must include facilitating a return of dislocated people to their areas and paying compensation for the damages they have suffered based on the compensation law, during the civil war, military mistakes and terrorist attacks, and the government must be obligated in providing a financial budget for them in the 2015 budget.

3. The government agenda of the prime minister-designate must include dissolving all paramilitary forces and placing weapons only in the hands of the government and security organs that are constitution and lawful, and formed based on Article 9/1 and Article 9/1/b.

4. Article 19/1/13, under which no citizen cannot be arrested without a court order, be implemented and those arrested must be handed over to an investigative judge after a maximum of 24 hours.

5. Ending the dossiers of individuals that were targeted for political reasons, and this was implemented against political partners. The release of former Iraqi army commanders from prisons due to the fact that the military is a professional entity.

6. Having elected and competent individuals of the popular protest movement participate in the political trend and the government based on true national reconciliation.

Road Map Principles

Forming a true national participation government that will lead to the country towards stability and security, and the fact that this government should have a road map agreed upon by all parties, and the parliament, federal court, United Nations and United Nations Secretary-General must guarantee it.

1. The government agenda of the prime minister-designate must include reaching true national reconciliation guaranteeing the participating of all parties seeking to enter the political spectrum, and achieve internal and national peace, and turning new pages through the general amnesty law without the name of ‘imposing justice’ and end the political aspect of the uprooting case, and have it become a judiciary case and also try to annul the Accountability and Justice law.

2. Establishing the High Policymaking Council which has become necessary for what is taking place in Iraq and the region. Establishing such an entity is very much needed to repair the political trend and establishing a political balance, and this must be included in the government agenda of the prime minister-designate.

3. Guaranteeing the independence of the judiciary and distancing it from party & political influence, and reforming it through passing laws and establishing a balance in its management, and cancelling all special courts established after 2003 and turning all of them into general courts, citing orders of Articles 87 and 88 of the Constitution.

4. Reforming the criminal code after passing a number of other laws as human rights violations in Iraq in general, and in the damaged provinces in particular, regarding what is known as the informant. These reforms must be carried out through annulling the anti-terrorism law and relying on the newly balanced Iraq Penal Code number 111 of 1969 and cancelling two rulings 76 and 88, and tirelessly attempting to legalize the federal court in a period of no more than 3 months because it acts as the safety of the political trend.

5. Returning the Sunnis property, mosques and all assets of worship, lands, property, buildings that were obtained from them under abnormal conditions.

6. Maintaining the country’s structure through banning the use of slogans and remarks that are racist and against a particular religion in the country’s military and police entities.

7. Re-evaluation in reforming articles of the Constitution as stated in articles 126 and 1432 of the Iraq Constitution so it would maintain Iraq’s soil and unity, and reforming measures to hold a referendum for the Iraqi people.

8. Adopting the Federal Council Law consisting of two representatives of the Kurdish region and provinces not under the KRG in order to practically make possible Article 65 of the Constitution, and adopting the laws of dividing financial resources, oil and gas, and specifying a timetable for this issue.

9. Sending a draft of the parties law, federal budget and the emergency budget to the Parliament.

10. Urgent action to carry out authorities stated in the law of the provinces in order to make practical Article 122-2 and Article 116 of the Constitution, and implementing Reform #2 of the law on provinces not under the KRG, number 21- year 2008, and reforming it in the future to achieve the principle of non-centralism administration.

11. According to Article 105 of the Constitution, the draft bill of the General Organization Law will be sent in order to guarantee the rights of the KRG and province not under the KRG.

12. Rebuilding the security forces and military organs based on their competence and professionalism, patriotism and establishing military discipline, re-evaluation in the weapons of the border forces’ command to protect Iraq form terrorists and infiltrators and beginning to pass the law of the mandatory recruiting and only allowing weapons to be in the hands of the government.

13. Encouraging and facilitating the return of Iraqi experts, refugees and disabled residents, and paying compensation to those that have suffered substantial and spiritual damages, and returning them to their duties and work areas.

14. Any individual arrested without due process and more than a year has passed since their arrest and their innocence have been legally proven, is considered a political prisoner and this includes the rights and concessions of the political prisoners foundation, and financial and spiritual compensation must be paid.

15. Elevating the college students’ level of culture and sciences, and reevaluating educational terms from elementary school by establishing strong education programs similar to advanced countries.

16. Respecting the independence of independent organizations and changing its members, linking it to the Parliament based on what has been stated in the law.

17. The prime minister-designate is obligated to send this draft to the current Parliament prior to the so-called legislature of the first half of the Parliament.

18. It will be officially agreed upon that the prime minister-designate must establish his government based on the period specified in Article 17. [Otherwise] there will be disruptions in plan and agenda of his cabinet and there will be enough documents for impeachment through legal trends based on Article 58 of the Parliament regulations.

19. Establishing the Iraq Reconstruction Council that was established under Allawi under the supervision of Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Barham Saleh, under which a group of ministers, experts and advisors will participate.

20. Re-establishing the privatization organization that was established in the first government after the fall of the previous regime.

21. Establishing the High Federal Council on Oil & Gas

22. Establishing the Economic and Financial Council

23. Emphasizing on supplying and establishing a parliamentary committee, with a judicial committee from the federal court linked to it, to supervise the correct imposition of these articles and have them practically carried out in full.

Security dossier of damaged provinces

With faith in re-establishing security and peace inside the society in the damaged provinces, we recommend the following speedy and fair measures:

1. Immediate stopping of bombings against damaged provinces and the Baghdad beltway.

2. Establishing a mechanism for displaced persons to return and compensation being paid to those who have suffered substantial and spiritual damages.

3. Immediately establishing a police force with special and professional expertise to maintain security of these provinces, fight against terrorism, and coordinated efforts with the federal police forces under the supervision of the provincial councils and the judiciary.

4. Establishing units to maintain security in the Baghdad beltway, to be in contact with the Ministry of interior under the “Department of Maintaining Security in Greater Baghdad”, missioned to maintain security in the broader areas.

5. Blocking and stopping military operations and legal persecutions against peaceful protesters.

6. Rebuilding what has been destroyed as a result of military operations and terrorist attacks, and carrying out strategic development projects, prioritizing damaged provinces at the start of development projects.


These are the main objectives of our participation in establishing the future government, and these objectives will be the discussion of our talks until these talks lead to a full national partnership government which, through important and active positions in serving the general interest of the people, such as the Policymaking Council and/or the federal council and also establishing an important security ministry such as the Ministry of Defense or the Interior, in addition to the election rights. Otherwise, participation will not bear fruit with the current dangerous consequences.
May God preserve Iraq and its people … and success is in the hands of God

Al-Wataniya Coalition