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The dangerous consequences of Iranian military intervention and occupation of Iraq

Wednesday, 27 May 2015 08:24

Brussels, European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) press release - In the light of the catastrophic situation in Iraq and as a result of ISIS taking control of the city of Ramadi, Iran has been rapidly deploying troops and military equipment into Iraq. Unfortunately, it seems as though this clear intervention and occupation of Iraq, done under the pretense of fighting ISIS, has met with United States approval.

In our view, allowing Iran to take control of Iraq under the guise of fighting ISIS is a fatal political and military mistake. It is a well-known fact that following the occupation of Iraq, the Iranian regime has been the main cause of instability and insecurity in that country. If it weren’t for the actions of former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki who acted as a puppet of the Iranian regime, ISIS would not have been able to create a foothold in Iraq in the first place. The Iranian military intervention in Iraq will only serve to strengthen ISIS and will further divide the country along ethnic lines, prolonging the bloodshed in that country.

In an interview with al-Arabiya television, the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Salim al-Jabouri said that in the event of Iranian troops being used to liberate the Sunni areas, the residents of these areas will refrain from helping the army. (al- Arabiya 23 May 2015)

Given that the crimes committed by the Iranian regime and its paramilitary forces in Iraq are no secret to the Iraqi population, we warn against the implementation of this plan and urge the United Nations, the United States and the international community to prevent this military intervention by the Iranian regime that will only lead to a bloodbath. The only solution for Iraq and victory over ISIS, is national reconciliation and an inclusive government, which will only materialize with the expulsion of the Iranian regime from Iraq.  

The Sunni tribes rose up to expel al-Qaeda from Iraq during the insurgency and they can be motivated and mobilized once more to fight against the brutal ISIS terrorists, but only if they are trusted and armed by the Iraqi government, rather than sidelined and left to suffer at the hands of the murdering Iranian-led militias.


Struan Stevenson


Struan Stevenson is President of the European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA). He was President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq from 2009-2014.