20 October 2020
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Iraq: Diyala mosque massacre, a crime against humanity

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 21:18

-European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) press release-

Role of  Asaeb al-Haq militant group, Iraqi minister Hadi al-Ameri and Diyala police chief General al-Shemeri

Cooperation with Iranian regime in Iraq must be a red line as it is a dangerous trap laid by the mullahs

Incoming reports from Iraq indicate the “Asaeb al-Haq” terrorist group, linked to current Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki and the Iranian regime, was behind the attack against worshippers in a Sunni mosque that led to the murder of more than 70 unarmed and defenceless worshippers. The attacking team was a group of fully armed men, carrying heavy machine guns, opening lethal fire on the worshippers.

“Asaeb al-Haq” is active in Diyala under the supervision of the police chief of the province, General Jamil al-Shemeri and the transportation minister Hadi al-Ameri, who is also the commander of the terrorist Badr Corps and in recent months commanded Maliki forces and terrorist groups in this province, massacring local inhabitants. Ameri, a close confidant of Iran, has been seen in Tehran before kissing the hands of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Iran is forcefully pushing to make Ameri the new Minister of Defence in the government of Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Abadi.

On August 23rd a governmental committee from Baghdad went to the crime scene in Diyala Province supposedly to investigate and prepare a report, appointing General al-Shemeri, who himself is one of the main perpetrators of this crime, to be in charge of this investigation. It is very clear that the Iraqi government, as in previous cases, is planning to cover up this crime against humanity.

The crimes of the Iranian regime and its puppet Maliki government, along with its affiliated terrorist groups such as Asaeb al-Haq, Kataeb Hezbollah and Badr, together with extensive executions, purging, genocides against Sunnis and other minorities, are the most important elements behind the formation, development and spread of ISIS terrorists. Iran is the main part of the problem and can never be part of the solution. Any cooperation or coordination with the Iranian regime to confront ISIS must be a red line as it is a dangerous trap laid out by Tehran. Any measures against ISIS without eradicating and punishing these criminal gangs and terrorist groups, and the eviction of the Iranian regime from Iraq, will lead nowhere. As long as the Iranian regime and its elements are meddling in Iraq, this crisis will only intensify.


Struan Stevenson

President, European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) 

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