20 October 2020
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EIFA strongly condemns terrorist attacks by ISIS against Christians, Yazidis, Kurds and other minorities

Saturday, 09 August 2014 08:49

European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA)

Removal of Maliki and forming a national salvation government is the only way to solve the present crisis

The European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) strongly condemns aggression against, suppression and forced expulsion of Christians, Yazidis and followers of other faiths by the terrorist and extremist ISIS group and calls for international assistance to secure the protection and the rights of these minorities.
The EIFA appreciates measures undertaken by the United States to save the victims of these atrocities and once again emphasizes that the root cause of this crisis is Maliki’s government and the meddling of the Iranian regime that is using Iraq as a launching pad for imposing its hegemony over the world of Islam and the Arab world. The criminal measures by ISIS against Christians and Yazidis and the aggression against the Iraqi Kurds serves the interests of the Iranian regime and the Maliki government.
Failure to separate this terrorist and criminal band from the Iraqi people, especially the Sunnis and the Military Council of the Iraqi revolutionaries, the tribes and the Sunni religious leaders is to fall into the very trap that the Iranian regime and Maliki have prepared. Meanwhile, the real opposition to Maliki is fighting to liberate the country and continues to condemn the atrocities by ISIS despite its own dire and perilous situation.

On August 6, the General Military Council of Iraq Revolutionaries condemned the attack on the north in its communiqué no. 28 and has declared that the Kurds and minorities such as the Yazidis are the “noble children of Iraq. The revolution is for all of them without any exception and the targeting of any section of the Iraqi nation that is not part of the dictatorial regime is void of any legitimacy. We have no part in these conflicts and condemn the atrocities that have been committed in these conflicts and consider its perpetrators responsible in front of God and the Iraqi people.”

The Association of Muslim Scholars of Iraq, in its 1013 Statement on August 6, described these measures as a distraction from the popular revolution in Iraq and wrote: “The North of Iraq is the place of the children of our nation who are noble Kurds, as well as several other minorities such as Yazidis who have a presence in the history of Iraq… they are the fundamental social and political pillars of Iraq.” The communiqué added that the winner of these actions is the “Maliki government that reaps its windfall gains from the pocket of all political currents and all Iraqis. The Association of Muslim Scholars condemns all the crimes and transgressions and the consequences that have unfolded or may unfold as the result of these conflicts. It further considers anyone who commits them not only legally and morally responsible for these attacks, but responsible in front of God and the people.”

On August 8, Mufti Rafe al-Refaei, the grand Sunni religious leader of Iraq, condemned the attack by ISIS on Kurdistan and stated: “Is attacking the province of Kurdistan a reward to the side that has given refuge to the Iraqi people? This revolution set out to fight the tyrants and not to fight with our brothers in Kurdistan who are themselves the target of militias. Those who fight the [Kurdistan] province are not from the revolutionaries. Those who make people homeless are not the revolutionaries. Those who attack Kurdistan and make people homeless wish to aid Maliki and to advance the plan and programme of Iran. The attack on this province aims to create rifts between Arabs and Kurds. We and the Kurds are on the same course.”

Sheik Ali Hatam Soleiman, one of the most prominent leaders of the Iraqi tribes, noted in his August 7 statement that through these actions, ISIS “pointed its guns at the Kurdistan Province which has become the sanctuary and safe haven for immigrants from revolutionary provinces… this operation by ISIS ultimately benefits Maliki’s government in its attempt to secure a third term. The Kurds are the only people who have been steadfast in their positions. The Iranian regime and its puppets conspire to foment unrest and tumult in Kurdistan and to press Kurdish leaders to alter their stances vis-à-vis Maliki. We shall not just condemn this blatant enmity with the Kurdish Region, but we say to all those who have become the enemy of Kurdistan that the Kurdistan Province is a red line and we shall not allow any party to attack the Kurdistan Province. We are in the same trench with our Kurdish brothers and we shall support them in their confrontation with ISIS through all possible means.”

Undoubtedly, the fact that Maliki is still in power has greatly complicated the situation and strengthened the presence of the Iranian regime in Iraq. In such circumstances, if the military intervention by U.S. is not balanced with a series of political measures, we will end up with a still more perilous situation. 
The crisis in Iraq can only be resolved through the eviction of the Iranian regime from that country. The removal of Maliki is just the first step in this path. A national salvation government composed of all sectors of Iraqi society, including those that have so far been marginalized in the political process, is an imperative and needs to be followed soon by a free election under the complete supervision of the United Nations. This salvation government must include the moderate religious leaders, tribes and military councils who are fighting against Maliki. Such a government would open the way to confronting ISIS on a national scale.

Struan Stevenson
President, European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA)

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