20 October 2020
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Call on UN Security Council, U.S. and EU to prevent the bombardment of civilians in Iraq

Saturday, 05 July 2014 00:00

Concerns are deepening that the provision of arms and ammunition to Shiite militias in Iraq by the Iranian regime are escalating the conflict and sending Iraq into a spiral of civil conflict. Tehran has also dispatched commanders from its terrorist Quds Force to oversee the Iraqi militias.
By sending Sukhoi fighters to Iraq with orders to bombard civilian communities, the religious dictatorship in Iran is assisting with the genocidal massacre of innocent Sunni women and children, while hundreds of thousands have been displaced from their homes and are suffering in the intolerable 45°C temperatures, with little or no shelter. The killing of an Iranian pilot, Colonel Shoja'at Alamdari Mourjani, from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), in the recent fighting in Iraq, is another clear sign of Iran’s meddling in this country.
The U.S. State Department has pointed out that sending arms and ammunition and fighters to Iraq is in direct violation of UN resolutions and should be considered as war crimes. Iran appears desperate to keep Nouri al-Maliki in power, deploying similar tactics to those they have used in neighbouring Syria where they are bolstering the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad. Indeed, Maliki’s statement yesterday that he is determined to cling on to his post as prime minister, is a forewarning of more massacres and bloodshed to come. He appears deaf to entreaties from all sections of the Iraqi people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds, together with almost all of Iraq’s political factions, that he should make way for a government of national salvation.
EIFA asks the world community, especially the UN Security Council, the U.S. government and the EU, to:
Condemn strongly the bombardment of residential areas and the massacre of innocent people by the Iraqi government;

Hold the Iranian regime accountable for violation of UN resolutions;

Demand the dismissal of Maliki and the formation of a government of national salvation.

Struan Stevenson
President, European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA)

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