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Allawi condemned the assassination incident of imams in Basra and calls to unity

Sunday, 04 January 2015 12:33

Baghdad / NINA / Vice President Iyad Allawi condemned on Saturday the assassination incident of imams in Basra, calling for unity and miss an opportunity to those who want to tear the fabric coherence.

He said in a statement today that coinciding with fragrant anniversary and celebrations of the Islamic world on the birth of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family and companions, the hand of treacherous terrorism came to commit a crime of assassinating a number of imams in Basra, sending a message of hatred to all that is sacred and humane and their belonging to a world of darkness and savagery, and a continuation of the sedition among the sons of one people.

Allawi made it clear "We condemn this heinous crime, and we call on our security forces to speed to bring the perpetrators and those who stand behind them to justice, we call on all the sons of our people , especially in Basrah to the cohesion and unity, and to miss the opportunity to those who want to tear the social fabric of this peaceful province./End

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