07 December 2019
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A source close to al-Abadi: he will start a campaign to root out corrupt elements from institutions and government departments

Monday, 13 October 2014 15:40
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi

BAGHDAD / NINA / A source, close to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Abadi, revealed that he started a campaign to root out corrupt elements, which are suspected of corruption from state institutions. 

The source said: "Abadi is determined, within the reforms he plans to do, to build a state of institutions and eliminate administrative and financial corruption in government departments, and open an investigation with the corrupted , and the committees will be charged by him to detect abuses and suspicions in overtaking on public money. 

He added that "there is a work to develop the performance of general inspectors in proportion to the size of the corruption that exists, in addition to improving the performance of the Integrity Commission in the fight against corruption." 

He added: "The prime minister will oversee the work of state institutions and he will visit them to reveal how they work and their dealings with citizens, as some have deliberately obstructing the work for reasons not related but to extortion and other things away from the eyes of the Prime Minister." 

He noted that al-Abadi, since the first day he took responsibility, directed all state departments to get away from the boring routine and there is a revolution on this matter will take its way to the application gradually in state institutions. 

The source continued: "Abadi believes that corruption is the second face of terrorism, and that some of these corrupt are those who finance terrorism," ./ End 

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